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Sip on Something Different Tea-Infused Cocktails

Tea-infused cocktails are a creative way to add depth and flavor to classic cocktail recipes. In this post, we'll explore the world of tea-infused cocktails, including tips for choosing the right teas, recipes to try, and more.

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Do you enjoy tea and cocktails? Why not combine the two for a unique and delicious drink experience?

Sip on Something Different: Tea-Infused Cocktails—Exploring the Trend, Benefits, and Unique Recipes

Are you looking to add a twist to your cocktail repertoire? Look no further than tea-infused cocktails. With their unique blend of flavors and aromas, these tea-infused cocktails will elevate your sipping experience.

Whether you prefer a refreshing iced tea concoction or a warm, cozy blend, a tea-infused cocktail suits every palate. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of mixing tea and spirits, unlocking a world of delightful flavors that will leave your taste buds craving more. Get ready to sip on something different and discover the irresistible charm of tea-infused cocktails.

The Trend of Tea-Infused Cocktails

Tea-infused cocktails have gained significant popularity in recent years, captivating the taste buds of cocktail enthusiasts worldwide. This unique trend combines the delicate flavors of tea with the vibrant profiles of classic cocktails, resulting in an exciting fusion that appeals to both tea lovers and cocktail aficionados. In this section, we will explore the rise in popularity of tea-infused cocktails and delve into the benefits they bring to the table.

Exploring the Rise in Popularity

The emergence of tea-infused cocktails can be attributed to the ever-evolving mixology landscape. As bartenders and mixologists continuously seek new and innovative ways to craft delightful beverages, infusing teas into traditional cocktail recipes has sparked intrigue and experimentation. Combining refreshing teas and spirits has opened up a world of possibilities, allowing mixologists to create unique flavor profiles that captivate the senses.

In recent years, tea-infused cocktails have become a staple in trendy bars and restaurants for their taste and the aesthetic appeal they offer. These cocktails are often visually stunning, showcasing vibrant colors and garnishes that make them Instagram-worthy. As a result, they have become a favorite choice among social media-savvy individuals who appreciate the visual aspect of their beverage choices.

Benefits of Tea-Infused Cocktails

Besides their visual appeal, tea-infused cocktails offer a range of benefits that set them apart from traditional cocktails. Here are a few advantages that make tea-infused cocktails a standout option:

  1. Enhanced Flavor Profiles: Mixologists can introduce a new layer of complexity and depth to the drink by infusing tea into cocktails. Various teas' floral, herbal, and fruity notes complement the base spirits, resulting in a harmonious blend of intriguing and satisfying flavors.

  2. Healthful Properties: Tea, known for its antioxidant properties and various health benefits, brings a touch of wellness to the cocktail scene. It adds a dash of natural goodness to the drink, making tea-infused cocktails a more health-conscious choice while still enjoying a delicious cocktail.

  3. Versatility: With extensive teas available, mixologists can experiment and craft an endless array of tea-infused cocktails. The options are endless, from black tea to green tea, herbal infusions, and exotic blends, allowing for a diverse range of flavor profiles and combinations.

  4. Catering to Different Preferences: Tea-infused cocktails provide an alternative for individuals who may not be avid spirits fans or prefer a lighter beverage. By incorporating tea, these cocktails offer a more approachable and well-balanced drink, appealing to a broader audience.

  Top view of glass with tea infused cocktail with slice of lemon and ice cubes on wooden background with plumeria flowers

Intriguingly blending the heritage of tea with the artistry of mixology, tea-infused cocktails have carved a niche for themselves in the beverage industry. Their rising popularity can be attributed to their captivating flavors, visual appeal, and the unique experience they offer. With their ability to infuse cocktails with a touch of sophistication and creativity, tea-infused cocktails have become a beloved choice for those seeking something different and memorable.

For more information on the art of mixology or the benefits of tea, visit Advanced Mixology and [link to related website on UCLA Health.

Choosing the Right Tea

Tea-infused cocktails are a delightful way to enjoy the flavors of tea and spirits combined. When selecting the proper tea for infusion, remember a few key considerations. This section will explore the different types of tea that work well for inputs, their flavor profiles, and the best pairings to create a harmonious blend of taste sensations.

Types of Tea for Infusion

  • Green Tea: Known for its delicate and grassy flavor, it adds a refreshing and subtle complexity to cocktails. Its natural antioxidants, and light floral notes make it a popular choice for infusions. Try using Sencha green tea for a crisp and clean taste or matcha for a vibrant and slightly bitter note.

 White Women Shopping For Tea Leaves At A Local Market
  • Black Tea: With its robust and malty flavor, black tea lends a bold and rich flavor to cocktails. It stands up to more vital spirits and adds a deep and complex profile. Assam black tea is an excellent choice for its robust flavor and hints of fruitiness, while Earl Grey tea, infused with bergamot oil, offers a unique citrus twist.

Cup of aromatic tea in ceramic cup
  • Herbal Tea: Herbal teas, or tisanes, are caffeine-free and offer various flavors to experiment with. Chamomile adds a soothing and floral essence, while hibiscus brings a vibrant tartness. Mint tea, such as peppermint or spearmint, imparts cocktails with a refreshing and cooling effect.

High angle of crop female smelling aromatic freshly brewed tea in ceramic cup

Flavor Profiles and Pairings

Each type of tea brings its unique flavor profile to the table, making it essential to choose a tea that complements the spirits and other ingredients in your cocktail creation. Here are some flavor profiles and pairings to help guide your tea selection:

  • Earthy and Woody: If you're looking for a cocktail with earthy and woody undertones, consider using black tea or pu-erh tea. These teas offer robust flavors that pair well with aged spirits like whiskey or rum. The tea's deep flavors enhance the spirits' richness, creating a well-balanced drink.

  • Citrusy and Floral: For a cocktail with vibrant citrus and floral notes, opt for green tea or herbal teas like chamomile or hibiscus. These teas lend themselves well to lighter spirits such as vodka or gin. The floral and citrusy flavors add a refreshing twist to the drink, perfect for a summer soirée.

  • Minty and Refreshing: If you're aiming for a minty and refreshing cocktail, choose mint tea as your infusion. Mint works wonders with clear spirits like white rum or tequila, creating a crisp and invigorating drink. Add some fresh mint leaves for an extra flavor and aroma.

Remember, the quality and freshness of your tea will significantly impact the final result. Opt for loose-leaf teas whenever possible and ensure they are correctly stored to maintain flavor.

Now that you better understand the different types of tea for infusion and their flavor profiles and pairings, you're ready to start experimenting with tea-infused cocktails. The following section will guide you through creating these delightful concoctions.

Essential Tools and Ingredients

Tea-infused cocktails offer a delightful twist to traditional mixed drinks, infusing them with various teas' delicate yet flavorful notes. You'll need a few essential tools and ingredients to create these unique and refreshing concoctions. Let's explore the key components that will help you craft the perfect tea-infused cocktails.

Tea-infused syrups and Infusions

One of the essential elements in tea-infused cocktails is using tea-infused syrups and infusions. These are concentrated flavors that add depth and complexity to your drinks. Making your tea-infused syrups allows you to tailor the flavors to your liking and experiment with different combinations. Here's how you can create these flavor-packed additions:

  1. Start by selecting a high-quality loose-leaf tea that complements the base spirit of your cocktail. Whether it's a fragrant floral tea or a bold and smoky variety, choose one that pairs well with the other ingredients in your drink.

  2. Brew a strong batch of tea using hot water and let it steep for the recommended time. The longer the steeping time, the more intense the flavor will be.

  3. Once the tea is brewed, strain out the leaves and combine the liquid with an equal amount of sweetener, such as sugar or honey. This creates a tea-infused syrup that can be stored in a bottle for future use.

  4. For an added twist, you can also infuse your spirits directly with tea. Place the desired amount of loose-leaf tea into the liquor and let it infuse for a few hours or overnight. Strain out the tea leaves before using the infused spirit in your cocktails.

Creating your tea-infused syrups and infusions allows you to experiment with flavors and elevate your cocktails to new heights of taste and complexity. The resulting concoctions will have a unique character that will surely impress your guests.

Fresh Ingredients for Added Flavors

In addition to tea-infused syrups and infusions, incorporating fresh ingredients into your tea-infused cocktails is essential for enhancing the overall taste and presentation. Fresh fruits, herbs, and spices add a vibrant and natural touch to your drinks. Here are some fresh ingredients you can consider:

  • Citrus Fruits: Squeeze the juice of lemons, limes, oranges to add a refreshing tang to your cocktails. Citrus flavors pair exceptionally well with many types of tea.

  • Berries: Muddle seasonal berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries, to release their juices and create a burst of fruity flavors.

  • Herbs: Fresh herbs like mint, basil, or thyme can provide aromatic accents that complement the tea-infused elements in your cocktails. Gently muddle them to release their essential oils.

  • Spices: Add a touch of warmth and complexity by incorporating spices like cinnamon, clove, or ginger into your tea-infused cocktails. Remember to use them sparingly, as they can easily overpower the other flavors.

You'll infuse your tea-based cocktails with vibrant colors, enticing aromas, and a burst of natural flavors using fresh ingredients. Experiment with different combinations to discover your signature tea-infused creations.

 Top view of wooden cutting board with sliced oranges and red grapefruits near green limes and yellow lemons on white textile on beige surface in light studio

Remember, mastering the art of tea-infused cocktails requires the right tools and ingredients. With tea-infused syrups and infusions, along with fresh components, you'll be well on your way to crafting exquisite and memorable beverages that both tea and cocktail enthusiasts will appreciate.

Stay tuned for our upcoming sections, where we'll delve into tea selections and cocktail recipes that take advantage of these essential elements. Happy mixing!

Recipes to Try

Ready to start experimenting with tea-infused cocktails? Here are some recipes to get you started:

  1. Smoky Old Fashioned

  • 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey

  • 1/2 oz lapsang souchong tea syrup*

  • Two dashes of Angostura bitters

  • Orange peel for garnish


  1. Combine the whiskey, tea syrup, and bitters in a glass with ice.

  2. Stir until well chilled.

  3. Strain into a rock glass with ice.

  4. Garnish with an orange peel.

*Lapsang Souchong Tea Syrup: Steep 1 cup of lapsang souchong tea in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and add 1 cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

  1. Earl Grey Martini

  • 2 oz gin

  • 1/2 oz Earl Grey tea syrup*

  • 1/2 oz lemon juice

  • Lavender sprig for garnish


  1. Combine the gin, tea syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker with ice.

  2. Shake until well chilled.

  3. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

  4. Garnish with a lavender sprig.

*Earl Grey Tea Syrup: Steep 1 cup of Earl Grey tea in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and add 1 cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

  1. Hibiscus Gin and Tonic

  • 2 oz gin

  • 1 oz hibiscus tea syrup*

  • Tonic water

  • Lime wedge for garnish


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice.

  2. Add the gin and hibiscus tea syrup.

  3. Top with tonic water.

  4. Stir gently.

  5. Garnish with a lime wedge.

*Hibiscus Tea Syrup: Steep 1/4 cup of hibiscus tea in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and add 1 cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Tea-Infused Margarita:


  • 2 oz. tequila

  • 1 oz. Freshly squeezed lime juice

  • ¾ oz. simple syrup

  • ½ oz. triple sec

  • 1 oz. strongly brewed Adagio Teas Citrus Green Tea, cooled

  • Salt, for rimming the glass

  • Lime wheel, for garnish


  1. Brew a cup of Adagio Teas Citrus Green Tea using water heated to 175°F. Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes before removing the tea leaves and letting the tea cool.

  2. Rim a chilled glass with salt by running a lime wedge around the rim and dipping it into a salt plate.

  3. Combine the tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, triple sec, and cooled tea in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well to combine.

  4. Strain the mixture into the salt-rimmed glass over ice.

  5. Garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy your tea-infused Margarita!

With this recipe, you can enjoy the classic taste of a Margarita with a unique twist of citrus green tea. The tea adds a refreshing flavor that balances the simple syrup's sweetness and the lime juice's sourness. Cheers to a delicious and creative way to enjoy tea in a cocktail!

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